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Limousine hire has widely become a popular mode of luxury transport for many events and occasions that we all celebrate and can offer you a unique limo hire service which provides its customers nationwide with a huge choice of stylish, highly popular Hummer limousine hire. The Hummer limousine hire is known to be one of the most favourable limousine hire in the UK today.

As a Hummer limousine hire broker, we have a huge amount of Hummer limousine hire and Hummer style limousine hire located across the country. So wherever you are in the UK or wherever you want to visit in Hummer limo hire, you can rely on to get you first-class Hummer limousine hire direct to your door and to your chosen location for your special event or occasion.

Limo Hire Laws

You can rest assure that all of Hire-Hummer vehicles and drivers are 110% legal and that all our Hummer limo hire vehicles, Hummer style limo hire vehicles and drivers are fully licensed and insured within the VOSA (Vehicles and Operator Services Agency) limousine hire laws to guarantee you a safe Hummer limousine hire experience. Be aware of the limousine hire companies that cut corners to save money and do not have the correct licensing from VOSA.

You should be informed of any modifications that have been made to your limo hire as every limousine hire which has been modified needs to be in possession of a VOIF (Verification of Initial Fitness) certificate. This is to assure you that due to the modifications that have been made to the vehicle, it is still road worthy and safe to transport passengers. Limousine hire also falls into two main categories and each one is required to hold certain licensing to allow them to transport travellers safely. 8 passenger seat limo hire and 9 to 16 passenger seat limo hire will need to be in possession of a SVA or IVA certificate.

All chauffeurs also need to be in procession of the relevant driving licence which is the PSV licence which requires them to go through a harsh driving test to allow them to transport passengers and to drive a long vehicle. Please ensure your driver is also police checked too for your own safety. No matter what company you book your limo hire with, we advise you to see proof of all this documentation as you are well within your rights to make sure your trip in limo hire is safe. Limo hire companies who do not abide by limo hire laws are putting other road users and customer’s lives at risk every day. will be happy to provide all the information you require to give you complete peace of mind that you are in safe hands. We know how important your special occasion or event maybe so we want to help make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Our National Coverage

Aberdare, Aberdeen , Aberdeenshire , Abingdon , Aintree , Airdrie, Alcester, Aldershot , Alnwick , Antrim , Ards, Armagh , Arundel, Ascot , Ashford , Askham , Aylesbury , Ayr , Ballymena , Ballymoney, Banbridge , Buckingham , Burnley , Bury , Bury St Edmunds , Buxton , Banbury , Banstead, Barking , Barnet , Barnsley , Barrow-in-furness , Barry, Basildon , Basingstoke , Bath , Beaconsfield , Bedford , Bedfordshire , Belfast , Bellingham , Berkshire , Berwick-upon-Tweed , Bexley , Bicester , Billingham , Birmingham , Boscastle , Bournemouth , Brighton , Bristol , Brixton , Caerphilly , Camberley , Cambridge , Cambridgeshire , Camden , Cannock , Canterbury , Cardiff , Carlisle, Carrickfergus , Castleford , Central London , Chatham , Cheddar , Chelmsford , Chelsea , Cheltenham , Cheshire , Chester , Chesterfield , Chippenham , Chorley , Christchurch , Cirencester , Clacton-on-sea , Cleethorpes , Cleveland , Coatbridge , Colchester , Congleton , Corby , Cornwall, Coughton , County Durham, Dalkeith , Darlington, Dartford , Dartmouth , Deal , Derby , Derbyshire, Devizes , Devon , Dewsbury , Didcot , Doncaster , Dorchester , Dorking , Dorset , Dover , Dudley , Dumfries , East Grinstead , East Kilbride , East Neuk , East Sussex , East Yorkshire , Eastbourne , Eastleigh , Edinburgh , Evesham , Falkirk , Fulham , Goole , Greenock , Greenwich , Harrogate , Hereford , Hinckley, Huddersfeild , Kenilworth , Kensington , Kidderminster , Kilmarnock , Lanark , Leeds , Lewisham , Macclesfield , Manchester , Mansfield , Newbury , Newport , Norwich , Nuneaton , Oxford , Cleethorpes , Pontypridd , Redditch , Rochdale , Royal Leamington Spa , Rugby , Scunthorpe, Sheffield , Solihull, Southwark , St Andrews, Stirling , Stourbridge Stroud , Swansea, Tamworth , Trowbridge, Walsall, Wandsworth

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Every event can be a Hummer limo hire event!

Hummer limousine hire is used for many events including adult birthday parties, children’s birthday parties, hen and stag nights, anniversaries, engagements, business trips and meetings, music events and festivals, children’s parties, promotional events, corporate trip and events, school proms, shopping trips, sightseeing, Royal Ascot, weekend breaks, spa and health resort trips and many more. If you are looking to surprise a loved one on a trip out to do some shopping or a weekend away then you will defiantly see a smile on their face if you book them the Hummer limo hire as their transportation. You can take a long journey in this fantastic limo hire to your chosen destination and not have to worry about driving in traffic or stopping for fuel. Your chauffeur will do all the hard work while you just sit back and enjoy the view.

Kids also love this limo and will make a great birthday gift if you book the Hummer limo hire to collect your child and their friends from school and whisk them away to their surprise birthday party venue. They can take all the photos they like and take them into school the next day to make all their friends green with envy.

The Hummer limo hire is often used for promotional events because of its fierce looks and style. Its chunky exterior and beast like appearance will get you notice around town by everyone. Its ideal for club venue launch nights as with this huge limo parked outside your main doors everyone will want to know what the fuss is about!

The Hummer limo hire makes ideal party limo hire as it comes equipped with everything you need to set that party atmosphere and you can guarantee everyone will be in the party mood once they step inside. If you’re looking for stylish and classy transport for an important business meeting or trip then arrive in luxury with our Baby Hummer limo hire or Hummer car hire. Not only will you have heads turning, your business associates will think you have style and elegance and you’ll defiantly get top marks when its comes to your choice in vehicles!

Hummer limo hire for you luxury wedding transport

Hummer limousine hire is also a highly popular mode of transport for weddings due to its size and sophisticated looks. Using the Hummer limousine hire for your wedding will enable you to transport guests from venue to venue without the hassle and bustle of organising a large amount of different cars to transport 4 guests at one time. The white Hummer limo hire in any style is perfect and decorated in silk ribbon and bows to complement your special day will make the great back drop for all your wedding photos. If you have a big wedding dress then the Hummer limo hire is ideal as a lot of the Hummer limousines have been modified and designed to give you that extra head and leg room. You can use the Hummer limo hire to transport all your guests or just your wedding party. The bridesmaid, ushers, pageboys and flowers girls will be over the moon with your choice of transport and feel like super stars as they travel to the reception. If you would like a smaller Hummer for just the bride and groom then we have the Baby Hummer and Hummer car hire which will still be suitable to get you from A to B.

We advise you to speak to our expert Hummer limo hire sales staff about your limo hire for your wedding transportation as we can get the perfect deal for the perfect limo hire. You may require specific amenities that we can arrange for you in your limo hire or even if you would like to book several limo hire vehicles at the same time, we can work you out a great package deal and a fantastic price.

So make sure you have all your details available including location addresses and post codes, times, amount of people travelling and special requirements you have. Our staff are trained to give you the best limo hire for your once in a life time special day.

Royal Ascot Hummer limo hire also receives a lot of bookings for Royal Ascot, the famous horse races located in Berkshire. Royal Ascot is a horse race event which takes place every year and is visited by thousands of people of all class every year. The only way and most popular way to travel to Royal Ascot is in style and glamour and can offer you luxury, sleek Hummer limousine hire to make you stand out from the crowd. On ladies day at Ascot you can get al your girls together, all dress up in the best and latest fashion with the biggest and best hat around and step into the Hummer limousine hire. Available in many colours you could also have a colour theme to your ladies day out at Ascot. On board you will find everything you need to get you in a celebrating mood ready for a fantastic day. Enjoy a tipple from the Champaign bar and listen to your favourite music on your travels. Take great photos and make the most of your luxury Hummer limo hire transport that you’ll remember for a life time. Remember to book your Hummer limo hire in advance to get the exact limo hire look your after.

Our high-class convoy of Hummer limousine hire have a fantastic selection of high-spec Hummer limousine hire for you to choose from including the H1 Hummer limo hire, H2 Hummer limo hire, H3 Hummer limo hire, Baby Hummer limo hire and luxury chauffeur driven Hummer car hire. We also have a wide range of Hummer style limousines that will also give you the high quality performance of the Hummer limousine. These include the BMW X5 limo hire, Audi Q7 limo hire, Range Rover limo hire, Jeep Expedition limo hire and many more 4x4 limousine hire vehicles.

The Hummer limousine hire comes in a wide range of colours suitable for every event or special occasion. These colours include white, black, silver, pink, orange, yellow, blue and red. So can offer you Hummer limousine hire to complement any occasion or event theme whether it be the pink Hummer limo for a hen nights or little girls birthday, white Hummer limo hire for a wedding, anniversaries or engagement or yellow and orange Hummer limo hire for a promotional event or stag night.

All our Hummer limo hire vehicles come with great facilities which are placed there to make your trip more enjoyable and relaxing or set that party mood. Lots of Hummer limousine hire have been modified with extra high bass surround sound systems, party disco lighting, dance flooring, IPod connections, CD players and DVD players with multiple flat screen TV’s. All this will give you that party atmosphere you will need for a night out into town with friends to celebrate a birthday, hen or stag night.

Also found in some of our Hummer limo hire vehicles are things like games consoles and karaoke machines to entertain the children or those men who love their boys toys! As well as these great extras you will find all the usual comforts like mini bar full with a selection on non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, comfy leather or suede seating, tinted windows, air conditioning, climate controls, communication systems and sunroofs. If you wish to make a request for specific facilities inside you Hummer limo hire, please feel free to discus this with our sales staff that will be more then happy to do their best to meet all your needs and demands.

What are you waiting for?

So you have been given all the information now all your need to do now is decide which Hummer limo hire or Hummer style limo hire you wish to book. For more information on the Hummer limousine hire from us, please feel free to browse the rest of the website or call us where a fully trained member of staff will be happy to help. No mater where you maybe in the UK, we will have something suitable for you and ready and waiting, on-time, fresh and clean for you and your travelling party to enjoy.

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We provide the best in school prom limo hire, birthday limo hire, wedding limo hire, airport transport limo hire and more. Basically any excuse is a good excuse to book limousine hire.

We look for ward to providing you with luxury Hummer limo hire or Hummer style limo hire that you will remember for a life time and recommend to your family or friends and colleagues. Thank you for using